Project A.L.S.

Project A.L.S. – winner of Best Short Film at the Nantucket Film Festival and the Media That Matters Award at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival – documents the heroism of Jenifer Estess as she battles the brutal effects of Lou Gehrig’s disease while rallying scientists and the United States Senate to support the research that could uncover a cure.

As a 35 year old theater producer, Jenifer was told that she had a rare and incurable disease, that she had less than five years to live, and that her muscles would degenerate one by one. She was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). There was no treatment, no therapy, no cure.

Abandoned by science, Jenifer put her outrage into action with the help of her sisters and best friend, and founded Project A.L.S. The organization raises significant money and applies that money directly to research.

Jenifer died in 2003 but Project A.L.S continues to fight for the lives of everyone impacted by this brutal disease.